We believe that marketing is much more than a department.

Marketing is communication. Communication is 2-way.

People talk. We listen. Vice versa.


verb - To make into a whole by bringing all parts together; unify.

We love to integrate marketing.

So, we do more than create jaw-dropping Facebook ads, stylish websites and stellar marketing campaigns.

Instead, we strategically use the best marketing tools to meet your customer’s needs and company objectives.

Our Integration Model

“Process” is a word we love at Blend.

Here are the steps we take to create new integrated processes to help our clients.

Step One - We Listen

We listen to you. We want to know the objectives, goals, and dreams you have for your company. Tell us where you want to be, and we’ll help you get there.

We listen to your customers. Our marketing goals are client founded and customer informed.

Step Two - We Strategize and Customize

We strategize and implement a custom marketing plan with the perfect blend of marketing tools.

We develop a plan to unify your marketing messages and brand.

Step Three - We Integrate!

We dream up a new product initiative with a marketing campaign like we did for User Testing.

We develop and implement a more effectivce customer service process like we did for Duffy's Rehab Center.

We change the design of your website so it better communicates your company's values like we did for Faith Ministries.

Why We Integrate

We understand that customers judge your service based on their whole experience with your brand: social, video, content, web etc,—it’s all important, and it can all be kind of a pain to keep track of while marketing effectively.

Well don’t worry—this is what we do best.

We’re experts at identifying the pain points of your customers (whatever those happen to be) and coming up with the perfect blend of creative, real-world marketing solutions. Some of our clients even call us their heros.

Traditional Marketing

individual efforts for specific campaigns

Integrated Marketing

synthesizing mediums

We Listen to Your Customers

The internet has put more space between you and your customers than ever before.

If your horseshoe broke, you used to go to the village blacksmith. In 21st century America, customers go and complain to everyone but the blacksmith—and that’s frustrating for you.

At blend, our customer-centric philosophy informs the marketing goals we set for our clients. Customers talk. We listen.

We roll up our sleeves and go to work creating

interviews, online tests, surveys, and other creative processes to hear what’s being said about your product.

Then we develop marketing plans and strategies to build products, processes, and experiences that will win your customers’ trust and meet their needs.

See how we centered Duffy's goals around their customer journey:

Duffy's Customer Journey

We Analyze Customer Feedback

Then Structure New Goals Based on That Feedback:

  1. Give the staff members a budget to spend on making guests happy!
  2. Rotate menu more often and increase the quality of food.
  3. Work with the intake staff to form a sense of purpose and a desire to help.

We Know When to Use Which Marketing Tool

"Just because a company says they're a full-service marketing agency doesn't mean they're an integrated marketing company."

- Jeremiah Calvino (our Founder)

Lots of agencies offer print, SEO, website and design services—and so do we. What sets us apart, is that we only do what will help your company. If you call us wanting a new website for your hotel, we might tell you (very nicely) that a website might not solve your problems.

Instead of a website, maybe you need to renovate your rooms, or work on your customer service. We specialize in solving the real problems your company faces; and then we determine the best way to communicate those solutions to new and returning customers.

"Anyone can unify; only some people can effectively integrate."

- Naomi Ledgerwood (our COO)

What We Value

We value partnerships, not projects.

Our clients don’t pay us to make videos, build websites, and design billboards.

Instead, they pay us on a monthly recurring basis which enables us to develop a long-lasting relationship that allows us to get to know you, your customers, and your needs.

So if you're looking for a marketing company that can affect long-term change for your business, we should talk.

What Does all This Look Like?

Check out some of our case studies to see integration in action