Addiction Treatment Marketing
Every Person Counts.
Every Interaction Matters.
We Know the Unique Challenges
Treatment Centers Face

Our focus is to partner with substance abuse and mental health treatment providers and create seamless experiences — from a patient's first interaction to their life in recovery.

We know your customers are in life and death situations.

Sometimes you have only one chance to help someone — so every interaction is urgent.

Your primary customer may be in denial about their needs.

The primary person doing the research is often times the loved one, not the addict.

Keeping your customers sober for the rest of their lives is an ongoing effort.

We do everything we can to help your customers move from denying their addiction to accepting that they are struggling.

The whole family needs to be educated — not just the addict.

We work to support your customers' sobriety long after treatment by keeping them connected and encouraged.

Our Capabilities

We reach the hearts of your customers by creating exceptional experiences guided by meaningful data.

Research & Analytics
Brand Identity
Patient Experience
We're Results Driven

We care about your outcomes. Tracking is in our DNA. Analytics, multi-channel attribution, call tracking — it's what we do.


Increased revenue in 5 years.

Duffy's Napa Valley Rehab

Reduced cost per lead and doubled AdWords lead volume in 3 months.

ARC Health
1100 Leads

Generated in 3 years of website development.

Hope Trust
"Working with Blend over the years has been thrilling and fruitful. The team has brainstormed and built comprehensive tools for us to track and deliver effective marketing campaigns. We have fully used their integrated marketing approach with branding, event management, web development, live chat, social media, call tracking, photography, video, media and print. We receive exceptional quality at every level, as well as thoughtful proposals and outcomes that our industry has noticed."
Our Approach

Through careful market research, competitive analysis and in-depth user research, we’ll help you effectively position your organization in the addiction treatment market.

We Are Positive

We don't believe in fear-based marketing. We will educate and inform about the real costs of addiction, but with a focus on how treatment can provide a beter life. We want to help deliver hope.

We Are Ethical

We don’t manipulate, exploit patient privacy, do anything illegal, or create grand linking schemes. Instead, we make sure that marketing honestly reflects what happens at your organization.

We Are Experts

We have 10+ years of experience doing digital marketing for addiction treatment centers. In short, we’re as passionate about addiction recovery as you are.

We Are Personal

We want to get to know you and your organization and form a long-term strategic partnership. All our marketing solutions are custom-built to solve the unique challenge facing your organization.

We Are Results-Driven

Analytics, multi-channel attribution, call tracking—we believe in marketing informed by smart data, inspired by real customers and focused on business objectives.

We Are Educated

You might bump into us at an addiction treatment conference or at a screening of the Anonymous People. We’re an NAATP member and have written thousands of posts in the recovery industry.

Let's Build Something Great Together

We love working with addiction treatment centers interested in long-term partnerships and who are passionate about improving their customer experience.

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[email protected]