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Faith Ministries is an ambitious, multi-faceted non-profit in Lafayette, Indiana.

Some of the Challenges We Identified

1. The unity and strength of the family of ministries was not evident. Each of Faith’s many ministries has its own identity. While the brand identities had been crafted to show that the ministries were all part of a larger ministry family with the same core mission, the websites did not make it clear that each ministry was part of a large ministry family.

2. SEO issues were limiting Faith’s reach. Organic search traffic was low due to SEO problems ranging from in-page structure issues to a domain structure that kept domain ranking low.

3. The website design sent the wrong message. The design had become dull and outdated, which stood in stark contrast to Faith’s fresh, relevant approach to ministry.

4. Web efforts were not being tracked properly. Faith distributed website responsibilities to several staff members, most of whom are not designers or marketers. There were very few features that allowed non-designers to make attractive pages, or that allowed content to be updated in one place and appear throughout the site.

5. Advertising efforts were not being tracked properly. The lack of conversion tracking prevented Faith from being able to make informed decisions about whether online advertising efforts were effective.

How We Helped Solve Those Challenges

Unified Sites from 12 Brands

All 12 brands had their own sites, but with virtually no indication that they were all part of a single family of ministries. To show the unity of the brands while maintaining their individuality, we used Faith’s color palette and icon cues to differentiate the brands, and similar styles to unify them.

unifying faith brands

Implemented a New Content Management System

The sites needed to be re-architected and migrated to a new content management system. The system had to be easy enough for several editors to use, in order to ensure that the site remained up-to-date without relying on a webmaster. We selected a commercial content management system that was affordable, had a large development and support community, and provided the flexibility Faith needed for things like integration with the school and church management software.

Developed Widgets and Reusable Components

We wanted to provide editors with the flexibility they needed to include custom content on their sites, without compromising the quality of the design. The solution was to build customizable widgets with a fixed design (consistent across the brands), but customizable content. We integrated these widgets into the CMS so editors could add them quickly and painlessly.

widgets and components for faith website

Taught Training Workshops On-site

Maintaining a high-quality site involves far more than the technical and design implementation. We wanted the editors to understand some principles about SEO, copywriting for the web, and other marketing concepts. We provided on-site training to the editing team.

Designed the New Online Store

We assisted Faith in the selection of a new ecommerce platform for Faith’s online store. Our design and development team converted BigCommerce’s standard theme to look and feel like the rest of the Faith website, for a seamless user experience.

Faith's Website
compare bigcommerce store to faith website

BigCommerce Resources Store
compare bigcommerce store to faith website

Integrated Social Across Each Subsite

Each brand was large enough and had a unique enough audience that deserved its own social presence. We created widgets to display tweets for many of the brands’ home pages, and provided a way for Faith staff to control which social networks to promote across each site.

Revisited the Blog Network

Each brand has its own blog to provide relevant content to specific audiences. But with many audience members being interested in multiple ministry blogs, we wanted to raise the profile of the other blogs in the network. We accomplished this in part by having a persistent feed of posts from the entire blog network, as well as redesigning the blog network home page to more clearly reflect the number of blogs.

faith blog screenshot

Improved Search Engine Optimization

We identified and resolved some serious SEO issues that were preventing Faith from getting the search engine rankings that would allow their ministry to reach more people locally and worlwide. SEO optimization, in combination with Faith’s growth and content marketing efforts, have resulted in organic search traffic more than doubling in the 4 years since we began.


Launched the Faith West Site and Campaign

faith west website screenshot

Faith was launching Faith West—a new student housing and ministry center near Purdue’s campus—to serve the needs of the West Lafayette community. They needed to get the word out about the housing opportunity for students, as well as the other services Faith West would offer.

For the website, we handled the design and information architecture and helped with content management. We assisted with the technical assessment of the housing management system and styled the system to match the Faith West branding. We also ran an advertising campaign to reach students interested in housing. All 119 beds were filled before Faith West opened.

The Faith Team

Brian Nicholson

Chief Strategy Officer

Jeremiah Calvino

CEO & Founder

Naomi Ledgerwood

Chief Content Strategist

Danny Gugger

Senior Designer

Tim Halloran

Advertising Manager

Marc Tanis

Senior Developer

James Houchin

Marketing Strategist

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